Cringeworthy or not, U.S. adults are spending half of their day interacting with media, according to a recent study from Nielsen. Whether we’re watching, listening to, or reading content, we are connected. This reality is rapidly changing the way we communicate and learn – a sentiment you’d probably get if you were to ask any learning and development professional in workplaces across America.

The way we consume media is disrupting the way we learn at work. And the proof is in our spending. Corporate training is an estimated $130 billion market, and digital media is a huge portion of the market size. L&D leaders rely heavily on video content to keep workforce learners engaged. In fact, the classic “how-to” video is the second-most popular type of video on YouTube. Many companies have followed suit, forging the conversion from traditional training materials to online video learning libraries with DIY-like content.

Microlearning is spurring further disruption for training developers, creating a need for easier access and faster production to keep pace with even more unorthodox learning approaches. As a result, the number of video content creators and different departments owning content is growing. The high demand for new types of learning content is elevating the value of video content for companies.

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